Bongo Park is the thirty-eighth episode of the first season of the animated series, Space Goofs. It was aired on August 5, 2000.


A new theme park is built outside the house - with a rocket ship.


Fox Bongo, a strange man and entertainment, but theme park tycoon has built a new theme park outside the Aliens' house with a roller coaster, known as The Death Defying House of Space Weirdos (even Candy, Etno, and Gorgious are wearing fake green antennae, Bud is reading the paper in the bathtub and Stereo is brushing his teeth) and it was called, Bongo Land with a rocket ride attached.

Even though after Etno gets those theme park guests out of the Aliens' house, they're taken to Fox Bongo's office by two security guards to meet Wheezy Weasel and the aliens are tied up in their five chairs to watch the orientation video in the theater. After they had seen the video, they've gotten their jobs at Bongo Land. First, such as Etno as the Grizzly Town guitar playing cowboy, Candy as a banjo playing bear and Stereo as a cello playing chicken (until being stepped on by two bears), and then, Bud and Gorgious as sweepers, however after Gorgious had eaten a Rancid burger with cheese in his mouth, the two security guards had beaten them (at off-screen).

The aliens are walking into the finished rocket ship ride since the two amusement ride fixers walked off. After seeing the rocket, Wheezy calls on the two human boy dogs and security guards chasing the aliens before getting on the ride and pulls the lever, goes on spinning and launching off the vehicle to get back to Zigma-B, but it fails, plus the park is destroyed like a nuclear explosion and the Aliens' house is safe with Fox Bongo as a guest in his new freezer, but their life is back to normal at the end.



  • Fox Bongo
  • Wheezy Weasel


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