Bud Budiovitch is the orange skinned alien, the coach potato of the Aliens and one of the main characters of the animated series, Space Goofs. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett in the first season and Louis Garneau in the second season, plus the episode of the first season, The Pro.


He is the tallest and stupidest of the group but his hobbies include watching TV, eating, sleeping, goofing off and just having fun. He is 340 years old and when he's acting like a child, he was 112 years in the past.


Despite his idiocy, Bud has moments of intelligence. Bud is lazy, friendly, relaxed and naive. He acts as the teenager of the group which makes him somewhat adolescent. He is a television addict and spends most of the time sitting in front of it and drinking soft drinks like soda. Like Etno, Bud is always the last one to panic in a situation.

He always comes up with the best solution but most of the time no one will listen to him and he is the only one left out behind the group. Privately, he has tried to make friends but it fails him. He likes particular TV shows such as Travelling Beach Babes & The Modicum Love's Cadillac Show.


He is a slender orange skinned alien with humanoid-like feet with six toes, three hair strands, teeth niches on his mouth, red tongue and light pink eyes with magenta iris and red bloodshot lines.


  • His age was revealed to be 340 years old that Bud was still acting like 112 after Bud panicked that Gorgious replaced his pizzas into carrots, from the episode, Get Off My Couch!, in Season 2.
  • He was also similar and the inspiration of Marky from Oggy and the Cockroaches since both have the same strands of hair and both of their bodies are shaped the same way.

Cameo Appearances

  • Before the game show, he (as a Committee of Tenants member) made a cameo appearance in the episode, The Challenge from the animated series, The Magician.
  • When Oggy, Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee are in the washing machine, their last form before going back to normal was Bud and the other three aliens that made a cameo appearance in the episode, Night Watchmen of the third season of Oggy and the Cockroaches.

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