Marky is an anthropomorphic cockroach, a character, a part of the trio and one of the main antagonists from the animated series, Oggy and the Cockroaches.


While he originally used to love causing mischief just like the other cockroaches, he has grown to be more laid-back in later episodes, though he still enjoys hanging out with Joey and Dee Dee and cause general mayhem like he has always done. His hobbies are dating puppets and reading books.


He is suave heartbreaking, totally lethargic, enthusiastic, funny and often not really caring and not very intelligent about what the two roaches others are doing. He is the middle child.

He also has bad breath, as revealed in the episode, It's a Small World (how he can stand his own bad breath is debatable, as he couldn't stand the smell of gas in French Fries).

Physical appearance

He is tall and very slender with a silver-grey body, an aqua green head, pink (but red) eyes, a black lump on his brain and a different antennae (with curls that resembles Bud) and white opera gloves.


  • Out of the three roaches, Marky is the only one who has a different antenna and is the tallest and thinnest roach of the trio, which resembles Bud from the animated series, Space Goofs.
  • Dee Dee had made a cameo appearance along with Joey, Dee Dee and his friend, Roger when Averell's foot was bitten, doing the Rain Dance to impress Lucky Luke and the mob from the movie, Go West: A Lucky Luke Adventure.
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