Principal of Shuriken (known as Headmaster) is Shuriken School's principal and one of the supporting characters of the animated series, Shuriken School.


Also called "Principal-sama", the principal is always worried about the school's funding and is also money-obsessed to the point that in the episode "Eizan's Shadow", he actually asked Sensei's parents to put the withdrawn check on the phone so he could talk to it. However, he does have exceedingly good ninjitsu skills that made him the principal. He usually has a positive thinking in many situation. He has an allergy to animals.

He studied at Shuriken and was a great ninja. In fact, the only time Shuriken beat Katana at the Grand Tournament, it was thanks to him.

After finished his education, he decided to wander around the world in search of his own internal path. The journey only served to teach him how to value and manage money (perhaps too much), so when he returned, he took over the position of principal of Shuriken at a time when the was going bankrupt... He spends most of his time coming up with ways of raising money, either among teachers, students or in search of external "donations".

However, in spite of the fact that he only seems interested in the school administration, he is aware if the progress of his students, specially than of Eizan, because the principal is the only person who knows about his connection to the Kaburagi Clan. He moves little and slowly, and transmits inner peace.


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