The Alien Show is the fifty-first episode of the second season and the one-hundred and third overall episode of the animated series, Space Goofs. It was aired on November 4, 2007.


Etno was surprised to discover that the new star of the TV presenter is none other than his old college buddy, Fabrice LaRouche in the past and therefore alien. It has retained the saucer and yields to them that one condition is to become the stars of Lost Story (a parody of Loft Story, that was a retooling of Dutch-created Big Brother) where candidates were aliens. As a result, the winner will win the saucer, but the loser will be eliminated from the show.

The day before the show, the aliens hatch a scheme to find the winner back to the losers. Candy, Gorgious, & Bud decide to combine and give a bad opinion to Etno. He returns, but followed by Candy caught plotting against Bud, except Gorgious eating his cake is the following, which means that Bud is the winner.

But at the end, they realize that the plastic saucer is out of service thanks to Fabrice scamming them and they're telling him that it was wrecked. At the end, he's taken back by two Interstellar Postal Retrieval Service (IPRS) workers and he was forced to deliver mail for 20 light years.



  • Fabrice LaRouche
  • Ed and his wife
  • Two IPRS Workers


  • Fabrice LaRouche is the only character to be named after the actor Maurice LaMarche, the voice of Etno Polino.
  • Oggy and Monica appeared as cameos in the Love and Kisses episode from the second season of the animated series, Oggy and the Cockroaches in the television screen viewed by the Space Goofs and was referred.
  • Lost Story is a parody from the French reality show, Loft Story that was the re-tooled version of the Dutch-created Big Brother, where the candidates have to stay and/or have to leave.
  • The title card can be easily mistaken to read, Alien the Show.

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